Modern Griots Interviews: X Black Superheroes

Aker: Futuristically Ancient

Source: Afropunk

The New York City-based duo of Sefu Kafele and Rachel Burrell joined forces to form X Black Superheroes. Together, Kafele, the Malcolm X-inspired lyricist, and Burrell, a singer and poet with Tracey Chapman mixed with Lauryn Hill style and sound, use their music to raise awareness of  people, political, and social issues that often do not receive the attention they deserve. Read their interview below to find out what they think it means to be heroic.

1)    How do you describe yourselves as artists for those who don’t know you?

Rachel: As an artist, I’m about passion, love, hope, frustration, pain. I like to tap into all basic human emotions because really everyone can relate. Sefu brings a straightforwardness and honesty as well and I connect with that.

2) How did you two meet and form X Black Superheroes? What is the meaning behind your name?


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